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  AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) along with TGI Advent Galaxy announces a showcase of the first tenant for “The Sports Metaverse Mega Mall”, Penerra Inc., ( which will offer a unique line Electric Vehicle(s) (EV) product(s): e-bikes, e-scooters’, service utility vehicles, sports coup, sedans, etc.

One of the sectors to have garnered significant attention from investors in recent times is the electric vehicles sector and for good reason too, considering the long-term prospects. Hence, companies that get involved in the sector often get significant attention. One of the interesting players in this sector at this point could be AllStar Health Brands (OTC:ALST) and yesterday it made a major new announcement that could be of interest to investors.

The company is currently best known for its work on the soon-to-be-launched The Sports Metaverse Mega Mall. Yesterday, the company announced that it had managed to rope in the first tenant for the metaverse mall in the form of Penerra Inc.

Penerra is involved in providing a full range of electric vehicles to the metaverse which would include sports coups, e-bikes, sedans, service utility vehicles, and e-scooters among others. In this regard, it should be noted that Penerra, which is based out of Florida, is a company that allows its customers to design their own vehicles.

That is something that is offered by very few companies in the electric vehicles sector and could well prove to be a significantly influential addition to the Metaverse Mega Mall. The company also boasts of being the first electric vehicle brand in the United States to have managed secure the world’s finest wheel hub motors based out of the United States.

The technology that is at the heart of the vehicles Penerra can give it a major competitive advantage over its rivals. It offers the biggest efficiency in the industry with regard to power-to-size ratio and the highest torque density ratio as well. All Star Health Brands has been working in collaboration with Advent Galaxy in order to add an exciting new offering to its metaverse mall.

The stock had an unusual volume on Tuesday with 3X its average volume.