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Artificial Intelligence  / Entertainment

These artificial intelligence and entertainment shares have recently rebounded breaking above its $0.06 cent resistance level after hitting a $0.20 cent high earlier in the year.

A recent acquisition has fueled this breakout which we feel will continue, first testing $0.08 and  then $0.11 cent levels  These shares are undervalued and could approach and test the $0.20 cent previous high.

We urge all serious investors to place these shares on their BUY LIST

Livento Group Inc is a USA-based company focused on disruptive business models. Its main area of business is the production of premium film and television content for international audiences across multiple genres under the new brand BOXO Productions. It also develops proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning products that incorporate risk analysis, predictive maintenance, and operational forecasting into the decision-making process. The company currently occupies space within serviced office suites in New York City and Prague in the Czech Republic.


 Livento Group (NUGN) Artificial Intelligence Acquisition Complete

NuGene International, Inc./ Livento Group, Inc (OTC: NUGN ), a dynamic group that specializes in acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models in film, content, and technology for fund managers, announced it has finalized the acquisition of Novel-Ti a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Industry Solutions.

About Novel-Ti

Novel-Ti was created in 2013 by two partners, an engineer in computer science and a PhD engineer who is qualified in electrical engineering and fuzzy logic, which is an approach to variable processing that allows for multiple possible truth values to be processed through the same variable.

Novel-Ti has eight engineers and PhD engineers. It has developed many bespoke innovative applications, utilizing artificial intelligence and computer vision in different sectors including the finance, automotive and healthcare sector. We will be releasing more information about the nature of some of the very sophisticated programs developed by the company in the coming days. The company’s clients have included major corporations and business who are seeking unique solutions to solve complex problems.

David Stybr – Livento Group CEO – “The artificial intelligence market equated to $50 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach $185 billion USD in 2026. The Novel-Ti acquisition is just the start of what investors and customers will see from the Livento AI & Robotics Solutions division. After completion of the acquisition and integration of the Novel-Ti acquisition, we will focus on business growth and harnessing the power of the team to add value across the Livento Business. Livento will remain opportunistic regarding further acquisitions within the industry. We forecast revenue of $1M USD in 2023 from their existing clients and additional revenue from solutions developed by the team that are sold as solutions across the industry. An example of this is project ‘OWL’. OWL is a very exciting project and the Novel-Ti Solution is transformational.

About OWL

At Livento Group we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to acquire a company that specializes in treating neurological disorders and diseases that effects millions of people around the world. The uncontrolled annual growth of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative pathologies requires an urgent solution. It’s estimated that Autism effects 75 million people, Alzheimer’s effects 78 million people, and will cost society an estimated $2.8 Trillion USD by 2030.

To fight against this disease, Novel-Ti uses its expertise in Artificial Intelligence and image processing. Novel-Ti has developed an interactive solution in collaboration with professionals in neurological pathologies. The application identifies areas of brain, which require an active reconnection.

The visual analysis of the participants behaviour in real time allows the system to monitor and adapt each exercise individually, as well as analysing the progress made at each session.

A unique hardware and software solution

The second project in the pipeline for Novel-Ti is in the Robotics sector. The Livento team is in discussions with a production facility in the Czech Republic. The facility specializes in producing robotics solutions, The Novel-Ti team is tasked to deliver programming works for two new automated robotic prototypes which will be used in various business cases. Livento is in discussion to have larger involvement in the projects. Livento will seek to achieve higher revenue potential in the Articifial Intelligence sector.

Mr Zied Loukil, founder of Novel-Ti, stated: “Livento plans to position the new division as a major player in the Artificial Intelligence industry, combining the strengths of the Marketing and Commercial power of Livento and the expertise of the Novel-Ti team, which will enable Novel-Ti to grow our client base and product lines increasing revenues and market share.”

The new division of Livento will be managed from our European offices and will be led by Mr. Willem van der Meer, Mr. Olivier Somville and Mr. Zied Loukil. The acquisition will be fully paid in Livento restricted shares.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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