Canadian Critical Minerals Inc. (TSXV: CCMI) (OTCQB: RIINF) is pleased to announce that it has entered an ore characterization and sorting trial with MineSense Technologies Ltd., at its Bull River Mine project near Cranbrook, BC. MineSense’s ShovelSense® system utilizes X-Ray fluorescence-based sensing technology that is mounted directly to digging equipment such as front-end loaders and shovels to accurately characterize and grade each bucket, and differentiate between low, medium, and high grade mineralized material.

Canadian Critical Minerals Inc (TSX.V:CCMI)(OTCQB:RIINF) is a company that may well be on the radars of many investors over the course of the coming days in light of the latest developments. The company announced yesterday that it went into an ore characterization and sorting trial with the firm MineSense Technologies Inc for the mineralized material which is stockpiled at the former’s Bull River Mine project located not too far away from Cranbrook in British Columbia.

MineSense provides the ShovelSense system which deploys X-Ray fluorescence-based sensing technology which can be mounted directly onto digging equipment. Then the technology can help in the accurate characterization and grading of each bucket of mineral. Eventually, the technology would be able to differential between high grade, low grade, and medium grade material.

Canadian Critical Minerals decided to use this technology at its Bull River Project so that it could easily segregate high grade mineralized material from a surface stockpile currently totaling 180000 tons. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Critical Minerals spoke about the development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was excited at the possibility of testing the ShovelSense system at the company’s project.

He went on to note that the system was already in use in the grading systems at three copper mines in the Western Canada region. If the system could be applicable to its project then it would allow Canadian Critical Minerals to monetize some of the materials that it currently has on its stock pile.