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The Denver-based Certified B corporation Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc (OTC:CWBHF) (CWEB.T) is one of the companies that may be worth tracking if you are interested in the innovative hemp extract wellness product space. The hemp extract products offered by the company are all laced with naturally occurring botanical compounds which include CBD, CBG, terpenes, and CBG among others.

Additionally, the company has also set up the CW Labs R&D Division which helps in advancing hemp science and functions as a center of excellence. It is located in Louisville Colorado. The products from the company are distributed throughout the United States through healthcare professionals and retail outlets, in addition to its own website, which works as an online retail platform.

On June 16 the company made an announcement with regards to the results from the annual meeting of shareholders which had taken place the previous day. Each of the independent directors at Charlotte’s Web Holdings were re-elected and all the other items that had been put for a vote had also been approved by the shareholders. Since some of the directors did not get a majority, they offered to resign from their positions in accordance with the company’s policy.