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As another trading week starts today, it may be a good time for investors to add some new stocks to the watch list in the last week of April. One of those stocks could well be DarkPulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS).

The company is involved in deploying advanced laser-powered monitoring systems for the purpose of providing accurate and speedy monitoring of temperatures and other stresses. That, in turn, allows for advanced structural monitoring of infrastructure in the new age of Smart Cities. The company had been in focus back on April 13 after its Chief Executive Officer David O’Leary had gone to The Stock Day Podcast for an interview with the host Kevin Davis.

O’Leary kicked off the interview by speaking about the origins of the company and how it ended up creating its commercial offering. He noted that DarkPulse operated in as many as 20 nations and had also launched a manufacturing wing, which is involved in the manufacturing of electronics.

The primary goal of the company was to improve the conditions for human beings all over the world and that had been the goal of the company for a long time. He added that the company had now made an entry into what is being called the ‘Industrial Metaverse’ and DarkPulse was at its forefront.

Back on April 7, the company announced that the board of directors of Global System Dynamics Inc had provided approval to its request for a one-month extension for completing the acquisition. As per the provisions of the transaction the company had already deposited $83,947.13 onto Global System Dynamics’ trust account for its shareholders.

O’Leary thanked the GSD board at the time and went on to note that DarkPulse was committed to completing the transaction.