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Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group Inc. (OTC:DBMM) is the 100% owner of its flagship subsidiary unit, Digital Clarity. The subsidiary is a leading marketing consulting and advisory solutions entity that empowers businesses to hit their marketing targets.

The company provides strategic actionable insights, artificial intelligence, top-of-the line customer service, and innovative technology applications. On August 29, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Director, and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Reggie James, went to The Stock Day Podcast for an interview with the host, Everett Jolly. The interview started with a discussion about the background of Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group and its ongoing projects.

James noted that the company had a strong story to convey. He stated that the company traded on the OTC Pink tier as a fully reporting concern and had been operating under its ticker symbol DBMM for more than a decade. He went on to note that the immediate aim of the company was to uplist on the OTCQB by the end of 2023. In the long term, the company wishes to be listed on NASDAQ. He also spoke at length about the aims and objectives of its 100%-owned subsidiary, Digital Clarity.