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Dyadic International Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI), a leading innovator in biotech, received a significant boost on May 15. On this date, India-based Fermbox Bio, a synthetic biology research and manufacturing firm, announced they launched EN3ZYME, an advanced enzyme combination designed to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of converting pre-treated agricultural residues into cellulosic and fermentable sugars. On May 14, the company’s COO Joe Hazelton Discussed Expansion into Food and Beverage and the “Future Of Foods” on “The Street Reports Podcast” Listen to The Podcast Now!

The technology and applications of the product support sustainable processes and resource optimization, aligning with global environmental goals. Fermbox highlighted that EN3ZYME addresses the dual challenges of climate change and energy sustainability. Fermbox stated that the product could transform sustainable synthetic biology and renewable biofuel products. The collaboration between Fermbox and Dyadic International is a significant step for Dyadic in contributing to high-impact sustainable energy solutions. Read Entire Press Release.

Dyadic International Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI) closed up on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, on 4x the average 60-day volume, briefly surpassing the 200 DMA, hitting an intraday high of $1.70 before closing below it. With a 52-week high of $2.40, which may be tested soon, this stock is one to watch! Read Zacks Research Report Updated May 15, 2024.

The announcement helps to further validate Dyadic’s Dapibus microbial production platform, as Dyadic co-developed the product with Fermbox. The sugars enable the production of second-generation biofuels, such as cellulosic ethanol and serve as an alternative carbon source for producing bio-materials and bio-ingredients such as dyes, lipids, colors, unique food proteins, fragrances, and flavors. These products will strengthen the circular economy.

More importantly, the product will play a key role in the food vs. fuel debate concerning first-generation ethanol. This issue will be addressed by hydrolyzing agricultural residues into viable alternative carbon sources. Fermbox’s EN3ZYME product is designed to hydrolyze a wide variety of feedstock residues, including corn stover, cotton stalks, bagasse, and other cellulose-heavy materials.

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