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ECom Products Group Corporation OTC: EPGC (EPG or EPGC) is an e-commerce and social media and data company, partnering, investing etc., with other companies executing a B2B strategy for growing its company. EPG recently announced a Promotion’s Platform Partnership “Daily Deal Builder”, the largest pre-paid promotions platform serving the US and Canada, See more.  EPGC has operations in the USA, UK, China, and Asia. 

This week, it could be a good move for investors to take a look at some companies which are still at a development stage but doing fairly interesting work. One of the companies that may be worth looking into at this point is ECom Products Group Corporation (OTCMKTS:EPGC).

The company is still at a development stage and is mainly involved in providing web-based marketing services to its enterprise as well as consumer clients. It provides the service through its website The company is involved in the sales of discount coupons from its enterprise clients to customers who sign up for the website. In the past, it had been known as Discount Coupons Corporation but it changes its name to the present one in 2016.

Now that you have a fair idea about the nature of ECom Products Group Corporation as a business, it could be a good move to take a look at an announcement from the company last month on July 20. The company announced on that day that it had signed a partnership agreement with the company Daily Deal Builder. As per the provisions of the agreement, the two companies are going to work towards expanding the e-Shop Brands Direct promotions partnership platform.

It is a move that is part of ECom Products Group’s initiative to move into partnerships with social commerce businesses and entrepreneurs. By way of such partnerships, the company is looking to not only bring about growth but also create insights that might benefit all the related parties.

The company noted in its press release back on July 20 that a promotions platform that is going to be powered by an influencer channel is expected to create considerable value in the social commerce strategy that it wants to usher in. It may be a good time to keep an eye on the company’s stock this week.