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At this point in time, there are numerous companies in the tech sector that are doing highly innovative and wonderful things that could go on to unlock considerable value for investors in the long term. One of the companies that investors could consider looking into at this point is Fastbase Inc (OTC:FBSE).

The company had been in the news back on September 26 this year when it announced that it had managed to launch an innovative Google Analytics 4 powerful add-on, with the capability of identifying and tracking mobile devices on websites. In turn, the mobile devices are then turned into leads and show the devices of those visitors which could be actual sales prospects.

Such a tool could actually be highly powerful for many businesses and at a time when a mobile search is a dominant trend as opposed to desktop searches, the add-on could be a major blessing for many businesses. Sistrix analysis delved into billions upon billions of online searches and concluded that as much as 64% searches made online were mobile searches.

Moreover, there is another major development that could make it a blessing for this add-on. The algorithms from Google, the preeminent search engine, would rank pages as per the mobile version data of the site in question. Hence, the latest add-on could well prove to be a highly powerful tool for many companies.

On the other hand, back on September 16 this year the company had also come up with a shareholders update that investors should be aware of. It was announced at the time by Fastbase that it controlled Trustfeed Corp through its ownership of preferred shares.

In addition to that, it was also noted that the company was also working on helping with the development of the software capabilities of Trustfeed. It was a significant announcement and one that investors need to be aware of.