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Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (OTCQB:FOBIF) an industry leader in harnessing AI and data intelligence to enable digital transformation, is pleased to announce that Qples by Fobi has seen a 350% increase in client growth since the official launch of its reseller partnership with ShopperBridge in late 2022.

Fobi AI Inc is involved in using the power of artificial intelligence and data intelligence for enabling digital transformation. Yesterday the company announced that following the official launch of its reseller partnership with ShopperBridge towards the end of last year, its product Qples by Fobi saw a boost in client growth by as much as 350%.

The reseller agreement led to the use of the advertising and digital media platform by some of the biggest CPG brands and retailers operating in North America. Some of the newest brand customers using Qples include Lightlife, a company that is a leader in its industry and has been involved in producing food meant for plant-based diets for as long as 40 years. Another brand that now uses the platform is Yogi Tea, which is one of the biggest tea brands in the United Brands for the past three decades.

He noted that the partnership with ShopperBridge had been a triumph and had helped the company in scaling up its platform significantly. He went on to add that the platform was helping businesses and brands to execute their advertising and media campaigns better.