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One of the companies which could prove to be an interesting proposition to investors at this point in time is Free Flow Inc (OTCQB:FFLO) owing to the diversified nature of its business.

Free Flow, Inc. recycles auto parts and supplies from a 19-plus acre warehousing and shipping facility in King George, Virginia. Every year, approximately eleven million cars are scrapped and end up in salvage yards for reprocessing. Through its subsidiaries, Motors & Metals, Inc. and Accurate Auto Parts, Inc. FFLO disassembles salvaged automobiles and sells presorted automobile parts through a “parts locator network” over the internet a sophisticated Inventory Management System which reduces the carbon footprint through selling recycled auto parts vs new auto parts.

The company is registered in Delaware and its stock is listed on the OTCQB Venture Market. It operates in the form of a holding company and currently owns three distinct fully owned subsidiary units. One of those is Accurate Auto Parts Inc, the other is HYGIENIQ.COM and the third one is Motors & Metals Inc. It could be a good move for investors to get a better idea about the nature of the operations of these subsidiary units.

Automatic Auto Parts is currently involved in the planning of building a covered auto recycling plant that is going to be involved in shipping, warehousing and disassembly of pre-owned auto parts as well as tires. Its facility in King George, Virginia is an approved recycling site as well.

The next one is HYGIENIQ.COM, which as the name suggests is involved in air purification, sterilization, and deodorizing. The technology that is deployed by the company for this purpose is purported to be the most effective way in which the air inside vehicles could be purified. It purifies and protects the interiors of the car so as to provide a refreshing driving experience to those insides.

Last but not least, it is the Motors & Metals Inc subsidiary division that investors could look into. This subsidiary is involved in the processing of scrap metals that have been sourced from automobiles.

It could be a thriving business considering the fact that Free Flow is looking to process as much as 3000 tons of shredded metals per month from automobiles. It is also involved in the work related to processing catalytic converters so as to recover precious metals.