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Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) is one of the companies that has been heavily involved in a slew of research activities in association with leading universities. One of the more important research projects for the company currently is the one related to mitigation research into its patent-pending nasal spray for treating traumatic brain injuries in collaboration with Mississippi State University.

On August 14, the company announced that research into its product was progressing. It was also announced yesterday that at the Mississippi State University Shackouls Honors College Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium held on August 2, some students presented a paper related to the subject of traumatic brain injuries. It was titled “Model For Therapeutic Development IN Traumatic Brain Injury.”

Dr. Russell Carr of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine is the head of the research collaboration. The research is designed in such a way as to quantify and find correlations between the key biomarkers of traumatic brain injury in animal models and to then measure the mitigation effects of the nasal spray on the effects of the injury. The scientific assumption on which the research is based is that the nasal spray ought to be applied within a few hours of the traumatic brain injury event.

The nasal spray from Halberd is made up of a blend of three active ingredients that are designed to address the trauma on time. Additionally, it also helps block some of the identified neurotransmitters and inflammatory cytokines that are brought about by head trauma. If these elements are released in excess, it could lead to a permanent head injury.

The principal inventor of the nasal spray and the Chief Scientist of Halberd, Dr. Mitchell Felder, noted that it was imperative to administer the spray quickly and possibly in the first 10 minutes after a traumatic event for optimal effect.