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Over the course of the past month Halberd Corporation (OTCMKTS:HALB) has been involved in a lot of research and development work and one of the latest ones was with regards to testing antibiotic resistant bacteria that had been sent to the company by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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The company had found considerable success in using its proprietary methodologies to eradicate a number of such antigens and the whole thing had been conducted in collaboration with Youngstown State University. One of the things that ought to be mentioned is that the company had been successful in eradicating E.coli and other similar antigens.

Not too long ago the expert from the YSU who had led the studies for Halberd had actually met the representatives from the CDC and presented their findings. Yesterday, some students from the university who had been a part of the project spoke to a local news outlet.

The students noted that the technology from Halberd had been effective in eradicating the bacteria in less than 10 minutes through the use of a laser beam. The fact that the company’s collaboration is getting this sort of attention is also an indication of the magnitude of the success that the company achieved in this particular project.

One of the students noted that it was one of the more novel methods by which such bacteria is being attacked and could prove to be highly effective.

However, it was also noted in the report that the cost of taking these methodologies to the United States Food and Drug Administration was going to be around $100 million. It should be noted that Halberd is currently working on a number of other highly innovative projects. One of those is related to a nasal spray meant for taking care of trauma caused by brain injuries.