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Over the past months, Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB)  has been in the news at different points owing to its work in relation to its research, development, and testing activities. Yesterday the company was in the news after it made a major new announcement with regard to the beginning of the pre-clinical testing at Mississippi State University of one of its products.

On Tuesday, HALB stock soared 14.56% to $0.0118 on the hefty volume of 2.59 million shares, above its average volume of 1.77 million shares.

The product in question is the company’s nasal spray meant for suppressing the harmful effects of Traumatic Brain Injury. It should also be noted that the product is currently at the patent pending stage. The research involved in the project was innovative since it is going to look into the development of such testing by the staff at MSU so that the level of head impact to the extent of brain injury could be quantified and correlated.

It should be noted that such research is being undertaken for the first time in this particular field. Once the testing team manages to decide on those parameters, the actual testing of the nasal spray would commence.

The company has taken a unique approach to tackling the different aspects of head trauma following a brain injury through the deployment of three active ingredients in its spray. The pre-clinical tests are going to work on proper documentation of the improvement in outcomes following a brain injury with the administration of the nasal spray in hours after the traumatic event.

In the past, the company has revealed that the project had been funded by Epidemiologic Solutions Corporation, a not-for-profit charity, and that has allowed the company to move forward with its product testing without teaming up with any Big Pharma entity. As per the demands of the MSU, as much as 75% of all the costs of the project have already been paid for.