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Health Advance Inc (OTCMKTS:HADV) Utilizes a proprietary CBD-infused technology on products oriented to health and wellness. Health Advance’s 66° Beverage Company brand of non-alcoholic CBD infused wine(s) embraces innovative non-alcoholic options in the beverage lifestyle sector, among other products and sectors.

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The company announced earlier this month on July 7 that the wine beverage had gone into production. That was a major new announcement from the company and one that may bring the Health Advance stock into sharp focus among investors in the coming days. The first manufacturing run is going to be for as many as 19400 units and the units are going to be distributed among customers who had been competing among themselves for the coveted early deliveries of the product.

The early deliveries are set to begin at some point at the start of next month. However, that is not all. Health Advance has also engaged the services of the communications team from Publicity for Good for the purpose of leading the industry ambassadorship for the wine beverage brand. The brand has been christened 66’ Beverage Company.

The Courtship Wines Division at Health Advance is in charge of the production of the 66’ Beverage Company branded wine. In this context, it is perhaps also necessary to point out that the hiring of Publicity for Good if a significant development. Publicity for Good has a record of making emerging brands a success and it does not take on new brands if it does not believe that it could be made into a success. Hence, it is an indication that experts believe that the brand could in fact be a success.