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Artificial intelligence is something that has changed whole industries over the course of the past few years and it’s for good reason too, given the way it can bring about revolutionary change. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries could benefit a lot from artificial intelligence as well and this brings us to the subject of the LENS platform developed by ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd’s (NASDAQ:IPA) business unit BioStrand.

IPA’s BioStrand LENSai™ integrates advanced HYFT™ technology

The LENS platform is powered by HYFT technology, which functions as the semantic source input for the Large Language Models (LLMs) deployed in the platform. The combination of HYFT technology and LLMs helps in providing a far more accurate and better comprehension of complex biological systems.

The platform essentially helps the company with the discovery of novel therapeutics by crunching data from the biological information which may otherwise not display any discernible patterns. Biological data may be quite complex and it may not always be possible for human intelligence to discover the patterns which may lead to the discovery of the right inferences.

That is where a platform like LENS may prove to be highly effective. There are a range of dimensions which are involved in biological data and all those need to be captured properly so as to comprehend the biological systems and for the creation of the right insights.

HYFT technology is adept at using the specific patterns that may be found in nature for the creation of a massive network of connections which may help in the understanding of how various things may be related. Additionally, HYFT is a unique technology since it has the ability to connect crucial dimensions in a single network and that makes the job easier for many researchers. The network provides over 660 million connections and as many as 25 billion relations at this point in time.