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If you are interested in the lithium sector then it may be a good idea to consider tracking Indigo Exploration (IXI.V) (OTCQB:IXIXF). The company is working with Dr. David Dreisinger and Dr. Gary Kordosky as advisors for the purpose of advancing the development and testing of Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) at its Alberta lithium brines.

Indigo Engages Industry-Leading DLE Provider for Initial Lithium Brine Recovery Tests

Dr. Kordosky had been involved in the field of solvent extraction technologies throughout his career. The company was in focus on June 20 when it announced that it had hired the services of Sunresin New Materials for the purpose of conducting DLE recovery tests at its petro lithium brines.

The company revealed that around 150 liters of brine would be collected as part of the process from the project area. The project area encompasses Fox Creek West and Fox Creek East. Once collected, the brine would be shipped to the facilities of Sunresing located in Xi’an in China. Sunresin is involved in providing a proprietary solution that helps in the processing of brine into finished items and holds a decade of experience in this particular field. The company has executed as many as 9 DLE contracts which made consisted of more than 73000 tons of lithium carbonate.