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The appointment of a Chief Executive Officer is almost always seen as a major development for any company and hence when such an event happens it could be a good move for investors to consider taking a closer look at the stock. It can often lead to a move either way. One of the stocks which you could consider taking a look at this morning following such a happening is that of Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (OTC:IGPK).

On January 3, the company was in the news after it announced that it had appointed Gene Caiazzo as its new Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board. It was a decision that the company came up with after the former CEO Matthew Dwyer resigned from all his positions in Integrated Cannabis Solutions.

The appointment went into effect on December 27, 2022. In this situation, it could well be a good idea for investors to consider taking a closer look at Caiazzo’s credentials in order to make their minds up about the appointment. He had formerly been the Chief Operating Officer at the company and that experience is going to count for a lot in his new role. Around half a decade ago, he successfully acquired two companies to create Consolidated Apparels Inc.

However, that was not all. Caiazzo had also been able to boost sales consistently while cutting costs and in his new role as the CEO of Integrated Cannabis Solutions, he would also bring significant operational experience.

The company is planning to buy new equipment in 2023 and also introduce new products into the market. Some of the other important initiatives for 2023 include the launch of an online retail store and also efforts to increase the inventory that it would have under its control.