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The United States stock market has a profound effect on global markets and economies. Hence, it is important for investors to keep an eye on those stocks when they are in the news. Here is a quick look at five stocks that came into focus last week.

Pressure BioSciences Inc. (OTC:PBIO) saw massive buying interest in the past week. On Friday, the stock surged 50% to close at $0.63. Moreover, in the past week, the stock rallied 215% on increased volume.

Pressure BioSciences is best known for the development and sale of broadly applicable pressure-based instruments. On October 18, the company announced that it had entered into a partnership with Bioscreen Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

As per the provisions of the partnership, there would be the launch of an exclusive consumables and instrument distribution agreement for the Indian market. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the 13th largest globally by valuation, and hence, the entry of Pressure BioSciences into it led to significant optimism.

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:INBS) closed up 10.34% on 5x average 30-day volume—1.2M shares traded after hours. The stock might continue to jump considering it is trading in the oversold zone and its valuation is still low.

On October 5, Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. announced that its drug screening system had been adopted by VKVP Haulage, the container logistics specialists. VKVP Haulage would use the system to complement its existing alcohol testing protocol and thereby launch the best industry practices in its business.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) was another notable gainer in Friday’s trading session and closed up 16.9% on impressive volume.

was recently interviewed on “The Street Reports Podcast” to update the public on several of the company’s important projects. Listen to the podcast now!

On October 4, Halberd revealed that the testing results at the Mississippi State University of its proprietary nasal spray meant for mitigating the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) had matched the dramatic results of the past.

Halberd Corporation announced at the time that the results were very similar to the earlier proof-of-concept testing that had taken place. The testing revealed a 25% reduction in neuron-specific enolase and a 52.3% reduction in the levels of glial fibrillary acid protein.

Clean Vision Corporation (OTC:CLNV) stock continued to move higher on Friday and went up 5.31%, extending its weekly gains to 21.41%.

The company, which is one of the notable innovators in the sustainable technology space, announced on October 11 that it had entered into a strategic engagement agreement. The agreement in question had been with the well-known global advisory firm Grant Thornton International.

In its news release, Clean Vision Corporation revealed that the engagement had been agreed upon for the purpose of issuing notes or green bonds worth a maximum of $340 million.

Nicola Mining Inc. (NIM.V) (OTC:HUSIF) closed up 6.9%. At C$ 0.155 on 287,500 shares in Canada.

On October 2, it emerged that the company would be a participant at the virtual investor conferences, which started on October 3. The event would end on October 5. Nicola Mining Inc. made its presentation at the event on October 3.