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A company that could be of interest to investors at the start of the new trading week is Nova Graphene Ballistics Inc (OTCMKTS: BIEI). Prior to delving into the latest developments with regard to the company it might actually be a good move for investors to take a closer look at the nature of the company as a whole.

The company had accomplished a holding company reorganization and following that move, it did not have any outstanding debentures. Nova Graphene was the successor issuer company following that reorganization and hence, it has very little debt on its books. It is listed on the OTC Markets and fully compliant with the requirements of the exchange. The company is also working on changing its name to FINRA. As a business, it is involved in the development of advanced products that deploy the unique characteristics of graphene.

The company had been in the last month on December 20 when it announced that it was going to reorganize and reconstitute as a seller and marketer of graphene products. The products were going to be manufactured through the use of a low-cost methodology that produces graphene.

Graphene is actually the hardest substance in the world and among the best conductor materials available. Experts have also suggested that graphene could play a prominent role in the electric vehicle industry due to its inherent properties. It is stronger than steel and stronger than diamonds while being lighter than most metals.

These properties make graphene very well suited to the car battery manufacturing industry and also for semiconductors that are used by the military. The reason why graphene has not had wide adoption is primarily due to the costs involved. However, the presence of a low-cost graphene development process from Nova Graphene Ballistics could actually prove to be a game changer.