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One of the companies that investors could consider tracking this week is Nowigence Inc (OTCMKTS:NOWG). The company is involved in the distribution, development and marketing of advanced extractive and generative artificial intelligence SaaS products which provide answers to any questions a user may want instantly.

Most of those answers are usually found in documents that may or may not be publicly available. The company is on the verge of launching its latest product It is a product that would extract the relevant content while performing complex search processes as necessary for the user.

The answers provided by the took can be traced completely with regards to the data sources and also provides users with the option of editing or entering their own views about the answers. Additionally, also offers integration with some of the more popular information technology tools like Google Chrome, Google Drive, Twitter, One Drive, Medium, Linkedin, and others.

The company announced on March 22 this year that it was working on positioning its product for retail clients. The company announced at the time that in October last year, the Chief Executive Officer of REXES Stephens Tse had gone to Indonesia and had a meeting with Joseph Buntaran, the President Director of Lotte Mart Indonesia.

Lotte Group is based out of Japan and South Korea and is a multinational conglomerate that provides a vast range of products. Buntaran noted that due to the plunging margins in grocery retail, it was not possible for companies to hire enough employees to go into hundreds of critical reports. Hence, the product from Nowigence could be used for the purpose of scanning the available data and getting better results. Krishna Tamireddy, the Chief Marketing Officer of Nowigence noted that the company was pleased to get the opportunity to validate its product in retail.