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On May 13, 2024, Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC: BIEI) garnered attention following its disclosure of acquiring the third commercial industrial hemp license in partnership with HGI Industrial Technologies LLC. The company emphasized its endeavor to leverage local resources in the United States and Mexico for the production and research of innovative graphene-based products.

These graphene-based products are designed to cater to the substantial consumer needs across various sectors, including medical, construction, and aerospace industries. Premier Graphene Inc. previously stated that a study by a government-certified laboratory in Baja California, Mexico, validated the strategic advantages of using industrial hemp-based graphene additives in hydraulic concrete. The company expressed that the study outcomes surpassed their initial expectations. After 28 days of testing, it was confirmed that the distinctive blend developed by HGI Industrial Technologies resulted in concrete that was stronger, lighter, and provided enhanced durability, meeting the rigorous standards of the industry.

On April 17, 2024, Premier Graphene, Inc. (OTC: BIEI) announced groundbreaking achievements in combining graphene with construction materials, marking a significant breakthrough in materials science and construction. Extensive research and testing illustrated graphene’s transformative potential for building materials in global infrastructure projects, particularly enhancing hydraulic concrete’s quality. This advancement indicates substantial improvements in cement performance and the creation of superior concrete products.

Companies trading below one penny  and actively spanning multiple sectors include: JP 3E Holdings Inc. (OTC: SPZI), Integrated Solutions Inc. (OTC: IGPK), NSAV Holding Inc. (OTC: NSAV), and Medical Care Technologies Inc. (OTC: MDCE).