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RushNet, Inc (OTC: RSHN) has announced today that its licensing partner, Royal Caridea, has achieved an industry-leading shrimp growth rate 30 days earlier than the standard timeline. This achievement follows a successful trial at Royal Caridea’s Gila Bend, Arizona facility, as detailed in a white paper published by Fuel Tech, Inc. based in Warrenville, IL. The white paper highlights the potential of Fuel Tech’s DGI® Dissolved Gas Infusion technology to significantly boost total shrimp production compared to conventional aeration methods.

The stock soared 25% on a hefty volume of 103 million shares.

In the white paper, it was noted that the deployment of the DGI® Dissolved Gas Infusion Gas Infusion technology from Fuel Tech could lead to substantial rice and shrimp production as opposed to the regular traditional aeration procedures. It was a significant new announcement from RushNet, and one that could prove to be a source of positivity.

At the trial, it was discovered that the use of DGI technology had been a major factor in the water treatment process used by Royal Caridea. That led to the impressive growth of shrimp to as much as 42 grams in a matter of 90 days. The results were a demonstration of the considerable potential of the innovative technology from Fuel Tech to change the face of the aquaculture industry as a whole.

In the news release, RushNet also noted that the aquaculture production technology deployed by Royal Caridea was distinct when compared to other shrimp producers. The process involved a 90-day benchmark, aeration through an infusion of dissolved gas, and biologically independent water reprocessing.

More importantly, it should be noted that Royal Caridea is not only involved in the production of jumbo and extra-large shrimps. The system it employs produces four cycles a year through the use of an eight-stacked raceway system that is based on a 90-day cycle of production.