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The cybersecurity and private communication industries are expected to experience considerable growth due to the rising risk of cybercrimes. Hence, it may be a good idea for investors to take an interest in such companies which are fighting the good fight.

One of the companies which may be worth tracking is Sekur Private Data Ltd (OTCQX:SWISF)(SKUR.C). The company has made considerable progress as a business over the recent months and that makes it an interesting company to track. Recently, Sekur Private Data announced that it had been successful in bringing down its customer acquisition cost (CAC), and that had led to an improvement in profits.

More importantly, the company is also working on the development of a new privacy solution specifically meant for small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and large enterprises. Since January 2023 Sekur Private Data had been focussed on improving its customer metrics.

It managed to bring down its CAC in the $30 to $35 range, which worked out to a reduction of as much as 91% from January and a 55% reduction from April. However, the figures are still not in line with the company’s target of hitting a CAC of $75 by the end of 2023 and $60 by the end of next year. The Chief Executive Officer of Sekur Private Data Alain Ghiai spoke about the developments as well. He noted that it was an ‘amazing achievement’ from the company due to the short time in which it had been accomplished. He congratulated the entirety of the marketing for its work on lowering the CAC. He went on to note that a CAC of $75 would be highly beneficial for the company since it will then be possible for Sekur Private Data to scale up significantly and bring about exponential growth.