We feel that these crypto shares have recently been shorted creating what we think is a buying opportunity at the current levels.

We have seen the shares drift lower as news of a 10 for 1 foward split leaked out prior to the official announcement  made on Feb 17 . The share reaction to the news was negative and created an opportunity for the shorters to cover .

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The Company : At the core, Marketing Worldwide Corporation is an acquisition incubator, purchasing companies and patents built by passionate visionaries.

We connect these future-proofed technology partners to our portfolio, develop strong marketing and operational plans, then launch them to the world. Through extensive expert partners and strong investment backing, we are able to confidently be the step that our partners require to get world-changing concepts to market.

IN SHORT – We identify. We Aquire. We Develop. We Operate.


Marketing Worldwide Corporation Deploys $MNS Token on Testnet

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2022 / Marketing Worldwide Corporation, (OTC PINK:MWWC), ‘the Company’, has deployed the $MNS #Minosis BEP20 token on Testnet.

$MNS Token:

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (‘MWWC’), is pleased to announce that the $MNS token has been successfully deployed on the Testnet late last week as confirmed by our developing partners at BlockchainX ( $MNS is a BEP20 token, which is the standard for creating tokens on BSC, or using Binance Smart Chain development. The Company chose this platform because of the advantages BSC offers; such as:

  1. BSC is EVM Compatible (Switch from Ethereum to Binance seamlessly)
  2. The Ecosystem is aggressively Expanding
  3. Low Transaction Fees
  4. High speed performance for mass adoption
  5. AND… Borderless DeFi (allows bridging and cross-chain conversions)

More About the $MNS Token:

$MWWC’s #Minosis token is a deflationary token used to hedge against hyper-inflation, in order to preserve its value $MNS has coded into the smart contract features that will reduce the circulating supply. See below, some of the $MNS characteristics:

  1. Circulating Supply = 1 Trillion Tokens
  2. 1 % Burn
  3. BURN – a percentage of every token transaction (buy or sell) is burned by being sent automatically to a dead wallet address, and can typically be found on the bscscan token page under “holders”; hence reducing the circulating supply continuously.
  4. 1% Reflections
  5. REFLECTIONS – a percentage of every token transaction (buy or sell) is sent as a reward to loyal token holders. This encourages long term investing and token stability as people will see their token count go up over time; increasing the value of their portfolio.

Additional “Tokenomics” will be made public in an upcoming Press Release

$MNS Audit:

Marketing Worldwide has retained Cypher Shield ( to audit the smart contract for the #Minosis $MNS token. This is a 5 to 7 day process that will go through the features and functions of the token; including its tokenomics and wallet addresses to look for inconsistencies or source code issues. When the findings are completed, Cypher Shield will generate a report for our BlockchainX development team to correct and/ or improve on. These types of audits are good for catching minor security flaws or issues that could be of concern to people who wish to invest.

The Company is looking to contract Certik ( and Techrate ( for 2 additional audit credentials. ‘MWWC’ believes that the more validation through 3rd party audits will provide a sense of security in the crypto community. Additionally, there are companies like “Totally A Rug Pull” (#TARP) ( with their developers @MattMortier and @JustMoonshot that ‘MWWC’ would like to engage with to do a full smart contract scrub and report as well.

Marketing Worldwide is also considering a full DOX of the development team, which can be utilized through such companies as Doxed Token (#DOX) ( @DoxedOfficial_ as another offical means of transparency.

$MNS Pre-Sale:

An official launch date has not yet been set for the #Minosis token ‘pre-sale’, but the company ‘road map’ suggests it will be available in the upcoming weeks. A step by step set of instructions in a future press release will outline “HOW TO BUY”, and purchasing tokens from the $MNS ‘pre-sale’ will be executed on the ‘Pancake Swap Exchange’ (

The BlockchainX development team is assisting ‘MWWC’ with the CoinMarketCap ( and CoinGecko ( listings; updates will follow when these applications are submitted under “fast-track” review.

“The $MNS pre-sale will allow large and small investors alike an equal opportunity to purchase tokens, and we are actively working with the BlockchainX development team to put ‘anti-bot’ and ‘anti-whale’ safeguards into place to protect the integrity of the launch” stated CEO Jason Schlenk. He continued, “We expect that a successful pre-sale can produce as much as $500,000 in liquidity for the token, which will be locked for a period of 1 year; essentially protecting investors ability to buy and sell the token without being *’honeypotted’.”

*A ‘Honeypot‘ is when liquidity is pulled from a token that prevents token buyers from being able to sell or liquidate their position, trapping them in the investment; and, are typically associated with rug pulls or scams.

The #Minosis website has been updated with a new ‘Minosis Token’ tab (, this will be the future home for the $MNS Token. There will be links to download the Whitepaper (business plan), the Token Contract Address, the “Road Map” (a timeline of milestones and events) and information regarding the ‘Tokenomics‘ (the economic features of the token). Below is a sneak peak of the new page framework:

Bianance/ Smart Chain Industry:

$MNS #Minosis ‘MWWC’ have entered an industry sector that has managed to exceed over $1.255 Billion in deposits in 2021 and over $15 million (USD) in daily token transactions; which is an increase of 487% from 2020. This is a small fraction of the world economy, as only 3.9% of the world’s population currently invests in #cryptocurrency; and is likely to increase exponentially as more and more countries begin to accept #BTC #ETH #LTC #DOGE and others as a fiat currency. Currently, most developers and #cryptomining vendors will accept any form of #cryptocurrency as payment for goods or services.


“Marketing Worldwide is in the right place at the right time, we are excited to continue expanding our #cryptomining operations, and build off of the #Minosis platform with this new $MNS BEP20 extension. I am confident that the next press release, which will include the ‘Tokenomics’ of the ‘MWWC’ Minosis Token, will make it very apparent as to how the Company will benefit from this project,” said Jason Schlenk, CEO ‘MWWC’.

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