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Those who may be looking into stocks that started the week on a strong note and made strong gains on Monday could consider looking into the Starfleet Innotech Inc (OTCMKTS:SFIO) stock.

SFIO announces new F&B expansions in Malaysia and regional headquarters in Dubai

The company, which is a holding company involved in global investments, saw its stock come into major focus yesterday and ended up with gains of as much as 10% amidst heavy interest. There was no news about the company yesterday but back on February 11 the company had made an announcement with regards to a range of expansionary activities for its beverage and food businesses across a number of markets.

It goes without saying that an announcement of such a nature is a significant one and the rally in the stock that was seen yesterday was perhaps understandable. One of the more important announcements made by the company yesterday was in relation to the launch of the mall café kiosk named Hungry Dudes in Kuala Lumpur.

It was announced that Starfleet had also managed to identify new sites that were going to go into operations later on in the year. On the other hand, the company noted that the company was also looking to turn many of the Hungry Dude kiosks into outlets for Epiphany Café, the food and beverage business that is operated by the company.

In addition to that, Starfleet also provided a lowdown of the sort of plans that it has in place for the next two years. The company noted that it wold be going for as many as 100 more licensed outlets and also set up centralised commissaries for the purposes of managing them. It is clear to see that the company has ambitious plans in place and it may be the right tie for investors to perhaps start tracking the stock a bit more closely.