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Navigating the vast stock market can be daunting for investors due to the multitude of choices available. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on specific categories. This functionality allows you to explore five stocks priced under 1 cent per share that might be worth monitoring.

DarkPulse, Inc. (OTC: DPLS): Global Systems Dynamics recently declared the conclusion of its pact with DarkPulse. On January 23, 2024, Global Systems Dynamics, Inc. and DarkPulse, Inc. mutually decided to annul their business combination agreement. Initially, the plan was for the merger, making DarkPulse a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Systems Dynamics, Inc. Despite a prior amendment extending the merger completion deadline to February 9, 2024, the agreement was ultimately terminated with no additional extensions granted.

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) shared significant updates in January 2024, regarding technological developments and key business achievements during the latter half of 2023. The company outlined its accomplishments in a press release and offered a glimpse into its forthcoming initiatives. Notably, Halberd Corporation highlighted that the most noteworthy developments, successful procurement of non-dilutive funding and profitable revenue-sharing accord with Athena GTX, Inc. which maybe a game changer for the company.

Spooz Inc. (OTC: SPZI) gained attention on January 30 with the revelation of its new corporate legal partner, Jason Meyer. The company, now operating under the name JP 3E Holdings Inc., additionally welcomed Jason Hoon Chang as the president of its wholly owned subsidiary, JP Energy Group LLC. Miguel Alcala was also announced to assume the role of Vice President at JP Energy Group LLC.

Zerify Inc. (OTC: ZRFY), a leading figure in cybersecurity with a focus on secure video conferencing, unveiled its revenue forecasts on January 4. Mark L. Kay, the CEO of Zerify Inc., expressed strong optimism regarding both the company’s future and the interests of its shareholders. Kay emphasized that the company anticipates 2024 revenues to reach $3.9 million, encompassing existing contracts.Top of Form

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. (OTC: SAPX) attracted significant attention on December 20 by revealing its participation in a co-production deal for the development of its upcoming feature film. The announcement specified that the film would be a collaborative effort with Madlor Films, Muse Media, THC Music & Films, and various other production companies. Notably, Nick Principe was enlisted for the lead role in the mentioned film.