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Investors must conduct thorough research to identify stocks to track at any given time. One effective method is staying updated with sector-specific news to uncover new stock opportunities. This feature offers insights into companies recently in focus.

SINTX Technologies Inc. (OTC: SINT) has surged considerably since our coverage began April 17, 2024. Also, in April, SINTX Technologies Inc. and Prodways Printers SAS jointly announced an extensive technical partnership and ceramic slurry supply agreement. Both SINTX Technologies Inc. and its subsidiary, Technology Assessment and Transfer Inc., will supply ceramic slurry and support Prodways with process development and customer service. SINTX Technologies has been a pioneer in the ceramic 3D printing sector.

Houston Natural Resources Corp (OTC: HNRC) CEO Frank Kristan appeared on The Street Podcast on April 30, sharing key insights. He discussed the company’s 2023 financials, 2024 outlook, and its digital asset token backed by ‘Gold’. Kristan also highlighted the company’s ongoing exploration of opportunities in the energy transition sector to enhance shareholder value.

Spooz Inc. (OTC: SPZI), now JP 3E Holdings Inc., gained attention on April 30 as a stock trading under 5 cents per share. The global commodity trading firm partnered with blockchain-based financial solutions provider Bloxcross to introduce a new platform aimed at transforming global trade finance. The innovative platform, as stated in the news release, will leverage artificial intelligence to enhance cross-border financial transactions’ efficiency globally.

On April 30, Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) revealed the commencement of a pre-pilot study involving its patented LDN+ product with military volunteers. The company mentioned in its press release that the study had started with a small group of volunteers but was anticipated to accelerate after positive initial outcomes. Halberd Corporation also outlined plans for a larger pilot study involving 30 participants, followed by a significantly larger safety study with 150 participants in the coming weeks.

Gold is esteemed for its wealth and stability connotations, making it a sought-after safe haven asset during economic uncertainty. Recently, its value has surged to historic highs, making Clifton Mining Company (OTC: CFTN) an intriguing prospect due to its extensive gold mining land holdings in Utah. Clifton Mining Company focuses on acquiring, exploring, and developing gold, silver, and other precious/base metals and minerals. Its primary production targets are lead, gold, and silver. As of December 31, 2022, the company’s mining claims included 82 patented claims, 402 unpatented lode claims, and 6 state mineral leases. Gold’s enduring demand and cultural significance further bolster its global appeal.