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One of the best ways of going about discovering stocks is by dividing them into smaller categories and investors have been doing for as long as the markets existed. This feature would provide a look into those stocks which are trading under $5 a share and could be worth watching. Here is a look into five of them.

Clean Vision Corporation (OTC:CLNV) – The company, an emerging leader in the clean fuel development and plastic recycling spaces, saw its stock clock gains of 12.01% on March 27. The trading volume in the stock was below average volume.

On February 15 the company had announced that the West Virginia Economic Development Authority had approved the loan guarantee of $15 million. The loan guarantee would enable Clean Vision to speed up the development of its first United States based PCN (Plastic Conversion Network) plant located in Quincy. The facility would also be engaged in producing clean hydrogen, the company stated at the time.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC:HNRC) – The oil and natural gas stock is one of the trending stocks in the category. Houston Natural Resources Corporation saw a marked higher trend in terms of trading volume in recent days.

On March 19 the company had announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2023. The total revenues for the 12 months stood at 21,117,265 which reflected a rise of 2.9% from the revenues of $20,516,899 the previous year. The total earning went up 19.3% and hit $11,501,687 compared to $9,641,297 in the previous year. The earnings per share for the fiscal year was $0.06.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) – On March 27 the company was in considerable focus among investors and the stock ended up clocking gains of 18.06%, despite the trading volume being below average. On February 8 it emerged that that the testing protocols for its TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) mitigating nasal spray had been approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. The company also noted that the preparations for the extension of the successful Phase 1 pilot program had also started.

Enzolytics Inc (OTC:ENZC) – On March 27 the biotech company’s stock ended with gains of 17.14% and the trading volume also went up 2.5 times the average. On March 25 it emerged that on March 19, 2024 a special meeting of shareholders was held, where a new board of directors was elected after a quorum with 51% of the voting rights in Enzolytics Inc had been reached. The company revealed that Harry Zhabilov had been elected as the Chairman of the Board. The names of the other members were also announced.

RushNet Inc (OTC:RSHN) – The trading volume in the stock recently hit its highest level in 52 weeks. On March 18 RushNet Inc had announced that Fuel Tech Inc had published a white paper with regards to the successful trial of its DGI® Dissolved Gas Infusion Gas Infusion  technology at the Gile Bend, Arizona facility of its partner Royal Caridea. In the white paper it was noted that the technology could help in boosting shrimp production dramatically in comparison to the usual aeration methodologies.