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At the onset of the year, Sibannac Inc. (OTC: SNNC), a Nevada-based corporation, gained significant attention following its announcement regarding its objectives for 2024. According to the update, Sibannac, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Campus Community, intends to initiate the separation of specific companies and brands that have progressed beyond the startup phase and are deemed suitable for S-1 registration, paving the way for their initial public offering. Sibannac emphasized in its press release that the connections with these prospective entities were established through various channels.

One of the channels facilitating these connections was Lifetime Branding, a firm enlisted by Eric Stoll, Sibannac Inc.’s marketing partner. These targeted entities not only possessed standalone capabilities but also demonstrated existing revenue streams. Moreover, they underwent comprehensive vetting via The Campus Community’s incubation process. Furthermore, Sibannac disclosed its involvement in conducting due diligence on several institutions to oversee and organize the offerings prior to listing Sibannac stock. The company clarified that the IPOs would proceed independently of Sibannac’s uplisting status.

Sibannac Inc. (OTC: SNNC) has commenced forging connections with several spin-off prospects initiated by diverse channels, including Lifetime Branding, facilitated by our marketing associate Eric Stoll. Lifetime Branding has engaged with numerous swiftly expanding brands such as Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast, Semcasting, Karhu, and Perky Jerky.

Sibannac disclosed its intention to enlist fully audited candidate companies capable of immediate trading on the NASDAQ. Additionally, legacy shareholders of the company would receive an added advantage, gaining the opportunity to participate in the offering. Consequently, they could invest in these IPOs at the same price as broker dealers. Finally, Sibannac unveiled plans for The Campus Community to operate akin to a merchant banking entity and potentially opt for filing under the regulations outlined in the 1940 Investment Act.