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One of the sectors which could make more and more inroads into the mind space of investors over the coming years is the renewable energy sector. Considering the policies which are being followed by many governments it is eventually expected to become a high-growth sector. There are many options for investors who may be looking into the sector for options and one of those at this point in time could well be SusGlobal Energy (OTCMKTS:SNRG).

As it happens, the SusGlobal stock has also been one of the more significant movers in the renewable energy sector this year so far having stock gained as much as 79.23% so far. In such a situation, it may be remiss for investors to not have a better idea about this company.

The renewable energy company is currently best known for having come up with its award-winning pathogen-free liquid fertilizer product named SusGro. While that remains one of the major successes for SusGlobal, that is not all and hence, it may be important to look into the interview of the company’s Chief Executive Officer Marc Hazout with The Street Reports.

During that interview, Hazout spoke about the fact that the company had managed to hit its milestone target by generating revenues by way of its carbon monetization program.

That particular program helped the company not only reduce greenhouse gases and with the diversion of organic waste streams from landfills, but also led to the manufacturing of regenerative products.

As far as work for the environment is concerned, SusGlobal seems to be doing a lot and it is going to be interesting to see how the company proceeds with its work over the course of the coming days. It could be a good move for those interested in renewable energy stocks to keep a close eye on it.