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VVC Exploration Corporation (OTCQB:VVCVF) (TSX.V:VVC) may be a company that warrants a closer look at this point considering the developments from August 18. On that day, it emerged that Proton Green LLC, a company in which VVC Exploration had made a strategic investment, had been selected by the United States Department of Energy to lead the development of the Southwest Regional Direct Air Capture (DAC) hub.

The initiative in question had the backing of a pedigreed group of universities, industry leaders, and other organizations. Additionally, it had also managed to garner a grant of as much as $11.6 million for the possibility of ushering in a more sustainable and cleaner future.

Proton Green is a fully owned subsidiary unit of Cyber App Solution Corp., in which VVC Exploration holds an interest of around 11.9%. The project in question is a major constituent of the United States Department of Energy’s path-breaking Regional DAC initiative.

The aim of the program is to speed up the process of setting up a far-reaching network of larger-scale DAC carbon dioxide removal sites across the United States. The project also aligned with the company’s commitment to invest in projects that promote innovation and sustainable energy.