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There are certain companies that may be of considerable interest to interest from the digital marketing sector. It is a sector that is growing at a significant clip due to the speed and depth of internet penetration and hence, more and more investors are now getting interested in such companies.

One of the companies which you could consider taking a look into at this point from the digital marketing sector is Pennexx Foods Inc (OTCMKTS:PNNX). The company is involved in a range of digital marketing-related niches. It is involved in consumer rewards, social media, and artificial intelligence, targeted marketing, and prepaid debit cards among others. The company has come up with products that seek to leverage the massive social media market for helping merchants in acquiring and retain customers.

That service is provided by the company through its platform The platform provides offers to customers for making significant savings on certain products and services. Pennexx boasts of some of the biggest names in a range of businesses as participants on the platform. Some of them include McDonald’s, Subway, Puma, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Macy’s and Burger King among others. As it happens, the company was in the news last week after it made an announcement with regards to collaboration with iTouchNetwork and iTouchOrlando in a joint licensing and marketing agreement.

As a result of this agreement between the parties, the Spin2Win Technology and digital advertising footprint of iTouchNetwork is going to be amalgamated with Pennexx 4.0 wallet as well as the platform. That is a significant development for Pennexx as a company and could eventually lead to the company getting access to a much bigger base of potential customers to market to. It provides access to potentially 70 million customers who visit the Miami, Tampa, and Orlando markets on a yearly basis.