As the world rockets towards getting more and more sustainable, the circular economy is gaining importance on a daily basis. A circular economy is such in which, as the name suggests, companies reuse the products rather than discarding them and attempting to extract more resources. Companies that participate in such a way of doing business are also offered incentives. All sorts of resources starting from scrap metal to electronics and clothes to other items are brought back into the economy. This article provides you with a look into three companies that are the current leaders in that space.

Regenx Tech Corp (OTCQB:RGXTF) (TSX.V:RGX) – Regenx Tech Corp is involved in the mining industry and is best known for having come up with clean technology solutions for extracting precious metals. At this point in time, the company is mainly involved in the extraction of metals like palladium and platinum.

Not too long ago the company announced that significant progress had been made on its Module One project by its team. As a result, the site was close to being commissioned, and that had been made possible by the tireless work that had been put in by the team involved with the project.

Houston Natural Resources Corp (OTC:HNRC) – Houston Natural Resources Corp has a subsidiary named HNR Oil Services LLC which owns oil field wastewater disposal and treatment facilities. The company has claimed that it exceeded all the federal as well as state-level regulatory requirements and could eventually produce multiple sources of revenue.

The company had earlier been known as Worldwide Diversified Holdings Inc but after completing the acquisition of Houston Natural Resources, it took up the new name in June 2020. The acquisition had been completed at the time through the issuance of both common and preferred shares of the common stock.

SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCQB:SNRG) – SusGlobal Energy Corp is involved in providing sustainable waste to energy and other regenerative products. As it happens, it is also a trusted brand in the soil, fertilizer, and aquaculture industries.

The company is regarded as one of the major leaders in the circular economy at this point in time as well. Earlier in the year on February 22, the company announced Bruce Rintoul had joined its board of directors. In the past, Rintoul had served as the senior vice president of operations at Veolia North America and could prove to be an effective appointment.