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As the trading week trudges to a close, it is important for investors to take an overall view of the week that was and look into some of the companies which had in fact come into the news cycle over the past few days. There were a number of companies that made considerable waves over the course of the past few days and this article is going to give you a look into three of those which could be actually worth looking into. Here is a closer look at the two companies which made it to the list.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) – Halberd Corporation had conducted tests on antibiotic-resistant antigens that had been sent to it by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Back on March 29, the company had a meeting with 5 representatives from the CDC, and earlier this week the company revealed the details of the meeting.

It was noted that the team from the CDC had been thoroughly impressed with the sort of success that the Halberd Corporation team had with the testing process. More importantly, the CDC team also committed to sending even more samples of dangerous and antibiotic-resistant antigens for testing.

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC:MWWC) – Another company that made a major move this week was Marketing Worldwide Corporation. The company announced earlier in the week on April 4 that it had retired as many as 470 million shares back to the treasure.

Additionally, it was also announced that it was going ahead with its executive producers with regard to the pre-production work related to its television show ‘Hollywood After Dark’. The host of the show, Emma Slater had already started working on the guest list for the initial episodes.