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One of the best ways of navigating the stock market is by analyzing stocks from specific categories. After all, it is not possible for an investor to have an eye on every stock at all times. One of the more interesting categories in the market is stocks that trade for under a cent. These are stocks which can often offer significant returns within a short span of time but it is important to do one’s research diligently so as to identify the right stocks. Here is a look at five stocks from that category to watch this month.

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTCMKTS:MWWC) – Last week on April 6 Marketing Worldwide Corporation’s Robert Blagman went on for an interview. During the course of the interview, the media pioneer spoke about his vision for the company’s media initiatives. In addition to that, Blagman also noted that his experience in the industry spanned more than four decades and he had the formula to make the company’s foray into the media space a success.

Cann American Corp (OTCMKTS:CNNA) – Last Thursday Cann American Corp, which operates as a holding company, announced that a new satellite had been set up for Prodigy Stem Cell, it’s subsidiary. It announced that back on April 4, Prodigy Stem Cell had gone into an agreement with a company for leasing office space of 3000 square feet in Orlando, Florida.

Metatron (OTCMKTS:MRNJ) – Metatron is known as one of the major names in the world of artificial intelligence and back on March 27 the company announced that is an Artificial Intelligence Mobile app for copyrighting tools, language chat, and digital art. The apps had been launched for both Android and Apple devices.

Exxe Group Inc (OTCMKTS:AXXA) – Back on March 29, Exxe Group Inc was in sharp focus after it announced that it had inked a letter of intent with a United Kingdom-based company for creating a fully automated algorithmic trading system at scale. The company noted at the time that the transaction was going to be closed in April. The partner has extensive experience in building such systems.

RDAAR Inc (OTCMKTS:RDAR) – RDAAR Inc is best known for having developed an app that could help combat cyber bullying and harassment that children are often subjected to. Back on March 28, the company announced its support for the Utah Governor’s decision to sign two bills meant for tackling cyber harassment on social media platforms. The bills had been signed back on March 23.