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In this day and age most industries are getting transformed through artificial intelligence and big data and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Companies are now deploying big data platforms for the purpose of making drug discovery easier and one of the companies to have come up with a highly innovative platform of its own is ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd (NASDAQ:IPA).

LENS: One Platform Transforming Biotherapeutic Discovery And Data Management Solutions

The company’s subsidiary BioStrand managed to come up with LENS Integrated Intelligence technology. It is a technology that has the potential to completely transform personalized medicine since it provides a single platform that can be deployed for analyzing multi-omics data.

In this regard, it could be a good idea for investors to have a better idea about multi-omics analysis. Multi-omics analysis is involved with the analysis and integration of a range of biological data types, which may include proteomics, genomics, and transcriptomics.

The LENS platform provides the highly novel feature of being a single platform on which all forms of omics data could be analyzed. That is a major feature since such an ability would give ImmunoPrecise the capability of developing new therapies and that would eventually lead to much better health-related outcomes for patients.

In this regard, it ought to be pointed out that analysis of different types of omics data required a range of algorithms and tools. Eventually integrating all the data used to be a time-consuming affair and in addition to that, that also led to many errors. LENS completely solves that problem since it uses artificial intelligence in order to analyze the data on a cloud-based platform.

The platform also deploys machine learning for analyzing the data. Eventually, the platform provides actionable results which can then be used to develop new products and therapeutics.