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Stocks which gain a certain degree of momentum are almost always followed a bit more closely by investors in anticipation of further gains.

At this point in time, there are a number of stocks that have been gaining momentum steadily and these are stocks that investors could do well to take an interest in. Here is a quick look at three stocks that have gained momentum and could well be part of investors’ watch lists.

Human Unitec International Inc (OTCMKTS:HMNU) – The Human Unitec International Inc stock has gained strong momentum in recent days and it may well be a good time to start tracking it. There has been no news about the company in recent days but back on July 20, it made a major announcement.

On that day, Human Unitec International announced that it had launched a new project named BlockChain Property Enterprises. The project is going to be involved the tokenization of real estate opportunities all over the globe. At the beginning, scenic properties in Italy, Lake Champlain, and Sardinia are going to be part of the project.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTCMKTS:MMMW) – The next one that could well be on your radar among momentum stocks is the Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc stock. The renewable energy company was in the news earlier on in the week on Monday after it announced that it was going to construct two solar power systems in Brooklyn, New York. One of the towers is going to be equipped with the company’s patent-pending Solar Tracking Technology while the other one isn’t. This way, it will be possible for Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc to demonstrate the virtues of the technology.

Zerify, Inc. / StrikeForce Technologies, Inc (OTCMKTS: SFOR)Zerify, which had previously been known as StrikeForce Technologies, had last been in the news back on July 7, 2022.

At the time, it emerged that the company’s CEO Mark Kay was going to be on an interview on The Stock Day Podcast. He spoke at length about the name change and he noted that the company only wanted a name with a single syllable.

Sysorex Inc (OTCMKTS:SYSX) – There has not been any news about the company in recent times but Sysorex Inc is an interesting company to track.

The company is involved in providing information technology, Ethereum mining, and Ethereum blockchain services which help its customers to protect and monetize enterprises’ assets within their premises. In addition to that, the company is also involved in owning and operating crypto mining processors as well as data centers.

Hannover House Inc (OTCMKTS:HHSE) – Last but not least it is the Hannover House Inc stock that ought to be on the watch lists as the stock soared as much as 30% on Wednesday. Recently, the company announced that it was going to file its Form 10-12(g) on July 28 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company is an operator in the entertainment industry and not too long ago, Hannover House came into focus among investors after it announced that it had embarked on a whole new business model. It may be a good idea for investors to consider taking a closer look at it.

Halberd Corporation (OTCMKTS: HALB) – If you are currently looking into healthcare stocks then it may be a good time to look into the Halberd Corporation stock.

Earlier on in the month on July 20, the company had come into focus after it announced that it had launched Halberd Cancer Therapeutics Ltd in the form of a fully owned subsidiary unit. It was a move that was an acknowledgment of the fact that Halberd’s extracorporeal methodology had displayed the ability to tackle a variety of conditions and cancer emerged as the next frontier.

Cyberlux Corporation (OTCMKTS:CYBL) – Last but not least, it is the Cyberlux Corporation stock that may be looked into considering the fact that it had clocked gains of as much as 18% yesterday. However, there has been no news about the company for quite a while. The last time the company was in the news was back on June 15 when it announced that it had submitted its amended financial results for the quarter that had ended on March 31, 2022.