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Most investors who are consistent with their performance in the stock markets are known for keeping their eyes on the latest news like hawks. This feature would provide you with a look into stocks that have been in the spotlight among investors owing to recent news.

Kaival Brands (NAS: KAVL) – On Thursday, the company was in prime focus after it provided an update with regards to the sales activities and the royalty payments, which originated thanks to its association with Phillip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM). The tobacco behemoth’s affiliate holds the license to market Bidi Vapor-based products from Kaival Brands Innovations Group in a number of global markets. The company announced that in July 2023, Phillip Morris had managed to generate record monthly sales for its products.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Eric Mosser, spoke about the development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was highly excited about the positive direction of the royalties and sales through the international markets.

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC:HNRC) – On September 21, the company announced that it had completed the sale of its subsidiary assets, which had an enterprise value to the tune of $18 million. Owing to the sale, the company managed to earn $0.15 per share and plans to offer the shareholders a stock dividend subject to FINRA approval in the future.

The company revealed that it had resulted in strong gains as well as advances. The company went into an agreement to exchange its convertible preferred stock for assets in Houston Natural Resources Inc. The preferred stock had a market value of $18 million. It was further revealed that it had been successful in exchanging the reserves of Houston Natural Resources Inc. for $352 million worth of Cunningham Energy LLC assets without any further dilution.

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (NAS: INBS) – Last Thursday, the company announced that its Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System had made its debut at the 2023 Workplace Health and Safety Show. The event was held on September 20 and September 21 in Sydney, Australia.

The system devised by the company is meant to provide a portable and non-invasive way to ensure health and safety at the workplace. It allows for convenient and fast drug testing at the workplace anytime and anywhere, thereby acting as a deterrent against drug abuse.

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) – On September 20, the company made a major new announcement with regard to that project. It announced at the time that it had joined hands with Athena GTX for the purpose of developing solutions directed at TBI and the eventual submission of those solutions for government contracts. The project would be underpinned by the path-breaking proprietary nasal spray for the mitigation of the effects of TBI from Halberd.

TBI is a life-changing and serious condition that affects many people, in addition to athletes, first responders, and military personnel, among others. The company is currently involved in the development of its unique nasal spray, and in fact, the testing of the product is being conducted by Mississippi State University. The crux of the treatment lies in the suppression of the inflammatory neurotransmitters and cytokines that originate as a consequence of TBI.

Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC) – Last week, the company announced that it had signed a binding business combination agreement for the sale of its subsidiaries, Virogenetics Inc. and Biogenysis Inc., to Sagaliam Acquisition Corp. The company also announced yesterday that, as per the agreement, the transaction was valued at $450,000,000. The combined entity is expected to be listed on NASDAQ. It was also noted yesterday that the entities had already started the de-SPAC process.

Sibannac Inc (OTC:SNNC) – On September 20, the Nevada Corporation was in focus after it made a key announcement. Sibannac announced that its subsidiary Immersive Brand Concepts and Red Eye Coffee had entered into a partnership to launch a new gourmet coffee brand that would change the coffee experience for consumers.

The collaboration would look to cash in on the innovative approach of Immersive Brand Concepts and the high-quality coffee beans sourced by Red Eye Coffee from South Asia. The ‘Exclusive Red Eye Blend’ would be the basis of the partnership. It was described as a type of coffee that transcended boundaries and provided a pure and incomparable aroma that could not be matched by any other coffee in the Western Hemisphere. It was noted that the new brand could capture the imagination of coffee enthusiasts.

Regenx Tech Corp., (CSE: RGX) (OTCQB: RGXTF) – The company came onto the radar of investors on September 25 after it made a significant new announcement. RegenX Tech Corp. announced that it hit a major new business milestone through the development of its first commercial plant.

The plant is situated in Greeneville, Tennessee. The last step that had remained was the installation of a larger gas line and the eventual approval of the permit. It was a major new milestone for the company since it signified that RegenX Tech Corp was ready to transition to ramping up commercial production to the full capacity from the commissioning phase.