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As the trading week comes to a close, it may be the right time for investors to take stock of the situation and look into those companies that have been in focus. Here is a look at five stocks that investors could consider tracking at this point.

General Enterprise Ventures Inc. (OTC:GEVI), “Mighty Fire Breaker” (MFB-31 CitrotechTM),  was in play on Thursday as it ended up with gains of as much as 43.38% with trading volumes hitting twice the average 30 day volume. On October 3, it emerged that General Enterprise Ventures Inc.’s subsidiary, Mighty Fire Breaker, had been named the Safer Choice Product of the Year by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The award had been bestowed on MFB-31-CitroTech, its Fire Chemistry fire retardant product. The company noted that the award from the federal agency identified its product as one of the most environmentally safe options in its category. The worldwide fire retardant industry is expected to reach $9 billion by 2027.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC:HNRC) The company, which was in the news this week, saw its trading volume spike on Thursday. On October 4, Houston Natural Resources Corporation provided shareholders with an update about some of its recent business highlights. One of those was the spinoff dividend to shareholders of Worldwide Diversified Holdings Inc., a subsidiary in which the company owns a majority stake.

The company also completed the 100% acquisition of Cunningham Energy LLC and the 40% acquisition of Rhino Energy Pty Ltd. Other important updates included the acquisition of a 9% interest in the Placer Claims called the Nugget Trap Placer Mine and the engagement of an underwriter with a $10 million commitment for uplisting to a major exchange this year.

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:INBS) is a medical technology company involved in providing non-invasive, fast, and intelligent testing solutions. On October 5, Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. announced that its Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System had been adopted by VKHP Haulage, a container logistics company. However, that was not all.

The company also announced that its existing customer, Auctus Management Group, had completed as many as 25,000 tests using the Intelligent Fingerprinting system. In the news release, it was noted that VKHP Hauling was using the system from Intelligent Bio Solutions to complement its internal alcohol testing program.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) The company announced on October 4 that the test results for its nasal spray meant for mitigating the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) at Mississippi State University had replicated the results from the past. Halberd Corporation revealed that the latest results were very similar to the earlier ones, as it recorded a 25% reduction in neuron-specific enolase and a 52.3% reduction in glial fibrillary acid protein levels. The results were in comparison to the control group.

Sibannac Inc. (OTC:SNNC) The stock was in sharp focus on Thursday and ended the day with gains of as much as 17.06%, with trading volumes touching fourfold its average 60-day volume. Sibannac Inc. provided a summary of its business operations in recent times in an update on October 3. The company announced that it had acquired Immersive Brands, which would be the focus of its revenues and operations well into 2024. Additionally, the company would also engage the services of celebrity influencers to promote its NOHO Shot product. The company also noted that it was on track to establish its first Kava/Kratom bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.