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Last Thursday Advance United Holdings Inc (AUHI.C) (OTCQB:AUHIF) was one of the companies that hit the news wires after it announced a shareholder update. The update provided details about some of the progress that the company had made and also certain recent developments.

It may be a good idea to take a look at some of the highlights. It was announced that in 2022 Advance United Holdings had managed to complete the exploration work at four of its properties. The company then went on to provide details about the exploration work at the properties and its expectations.

Additionally, it was noted that the company had continued to work on the expansion of its property portfolio and had continued to get into new partnerships. The knowledge that had been gained while working at its existing properties had been deployed in the expansion process and selection of target properties. The company’s research activities also helped it in identifying two properties in South Carolina for possible acquisition. The company would provide further reports about these activities in the future. Advance United Holdings also noted that optimization and efficiency remained two of the key objectives.