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This morning there are many companies that are in the news for various reasons and one of those is AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTC:ALST) which made a major new announcement. The company announced this morning that it had signed a co-production agreement with financing and media company Entertainment Ventures Group and Rob Rainford Inc.

By way of this agreement, AllStar Health Brands would help in the production of the show ‘Hungry’ which is hosted by ‘Chef Rob Rainford’, a celebrity. In the past Rainford had been the host of the show ‘License to Grill’, which had been a significant success on Discovery Home, Food Network Canada and Asian Food Channel. It should however be noted that over the past decade, he has appeared as a featured guest on a number of digital media-hosted shows and television shows.

Entertainment Ventures Group is led by its Chief Executive Officer Althea Neilson, who is a seasoned and successful operator in this space. She has owned and operated successful entertainment ventures like Daystar Media Group, Sable Entertainment Group, Street Show Records and Onyx Entertainment. Additionally, she holds significant business and financial analysis experience as an executive.

Peter Wanner, the Chief Executive Officer of AllStar Health Brands, spoke about the latest agreement this morning. He noted that everyone at the company was excited at the prospect of working with Entertainment Ventures Group in the production of the show. He went on to talk about the merits of the show and noted that it provided an intimate look into culture, celebrity and food.

He added that the show was quite different from many of the other cooking shows on television since it was not only about entertainment but also about inspiration and enlightenment. He signed off by saying that the company was confident that ‘Hungry’ was going to be a global hit.