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It was a momentous day on Tuesday for Nowigence Inc (OTCQB:NOWG) as the company came up with a major new announcement. It revealed that it had finally launched its artificial intelligence platform It is an innovative platform that is meant for leading to the creation of impactful and new-age content.

The news has been covered in detail by Business Journals

The platform offers a number of features that can prove to be highly beneficial to content creation professionals. For instance, it can convert the content available on blogs, files, articles and reports into tweets, or on the other hand, it can turn Twitter threads into blogs, articles, and reports. The platform can do all that in an instant. Such a platform can take a company’s content strategy to a new level altogether since it can turn any topic into a range of content formats in seconds. Additionally, the platform also boosts SEO optimization.

One of the more important pronouncements from the company was that teams involved with sales, marketing, corporate communications, and advertising have found the platform highly effective. The company has also provided onboarding access and an introductory price to those who may want to use the platform straight away. It should be noted that it offers other important features too. One of those is the conversion of Linkedin posts into Twitter threads and it also helps with the auto-generation of backlinks so as to boost the SEO optimization process.

Nowigence is a company that is involved in the development, distribution and sales of advanced generative and extractive artificial intelligence SaaS (software as a service) products. All these products are primarily involved in providing instant output for any questions that a user may have about certain topics which may otherwise remain buried in a number of documents, which may or may not be publicly available.