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Investors who may be interested in the precious metals mining sector could consider taking a closer look at Altiplano Metals Inc. (OTC:ALTPF) (APN.V). It is an emerging copper, gold, and silver company that is primarily focused on the Americas. Additionally, the company boasts a diversified asset portfolio that includes an active gold, silver, and iron mine.

The company is also in the final stages of completing a technologically advanced iron, copper, and gold processing facility. On August 31, Altiplano Metals hit the news cycle after it announced that it had managed to establish a new operating section at 336 m in terms of mining level at the Farellon copper-gold mine. The mine is located not too far from La Serena, Chile.

The company further announced that getting access to the 335-meter level was also a component of the underground development related to Hugo Decline. Additionally, the company revealed that the sub-drifts at 336 m also intersected the vein structure at Farellon Iron Oxide Gold.

As a consequence, two new production headings were established in the south-west and north-east directions. Alastair McIntyre, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, noted that the 336-meter intersection was part of the company’s ongoing plans for development.