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The residential sector in the United States has been in the news for some time now owing to skyrocketing home prices. Hence, those who want to buy homes are now at a crossroads of sorts. That being said, there are alternatives that can fulfill one’s urge to be a homeowner in the present-day United States without wrecking one’s financial well-being. This brings us to the subject of Auscrete Corp. (OTC:ASCK), a company that could deliver homes to people who want them at half the price.

Investors could do well to take a closer look at the company to figure out a potential opportunity. The company’s manufacturing plant is engaged in the production of affordable housing units that help people fulfill the ‘American Dream’.

The homes built by the company are aesthetically pleasing, solid, essentially fireproof, and energy efficient. The company builds these homes through the casting of large panels of its hybrid lightweight insulated concrete in a factory.

The materials for these homes are mass-produced through the use of table casting of outer walls, inner walls, and roof sections. Perhaps the most important thing to consider in this regard is that the house is constructed in a matter of days, and hence, there are major savings in terms of labor costs. The use of lower-cost raw materials in building the house leads to affordability.

Recently, the investment site The Street Now covered the company as well and rated the stock as a ‘strong buy’. The rationale behind the recommendation was that the company produced homes at 50% of the cost of regular homes at a time when the housing market was overheating. The report went on to mention that Auscrete Corp. was also in the process of constructing a factory in Glendale, where it would be able to produce more than 300 houses a year.