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The company is a housing contractor which is involved in the development of green energy efficient commercial and residential projects. The company does that through the use of semi-lightweight hybrid lightweight concrete-insulation wall and roof panels that Auscrete Corp (OTC: ASCK) itself develops. It ought to be noted that the medium-sized residential structures that the company develops are fire-resistant, affordable, and low in maintenance.

Those structures can also be constructed quickly and it is usually at a fraction of the time it takes to build a similarly sized traditional residential home. At this point, Auscrete Corp is involved in the development of a manufacturing plant in Goldendale, Washington and it would be able to produce in excess of 300 houses a year, depending on the sizes.

The company announced in July 2021 that the further expansion of its manufacturing facility in Goldendale had become an operational necessity. It would also entail the installation of additional manufacturing equipment.

At the time, Auscrete Corp noted that it was engaged in fulfilling a number of orders for the hybrid concrete panels which had been necessary for honoring its home construction supply agreements at the time. Due to the rising volume of orders it had become necessary for Auscrete Corp to expand the manufacturing facility and also add more equipment.

The company had noted at the time that it was going to be proactive in revealing information through press releases on a weekly basis in order to keep shareholders and other interested parties abreast of all the news.

Auscrete Corp also announced that it was also going to start work on the company’s corporate website. Additionally, it was also going to boost its presence on social media, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. The company believed that it would provide it with benefits.