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The video conferencing space has grown at a remarkable pace since working from home became the norm during the coronavirus pandemic and it has continued to grow. Investors are always on the lookout for new opportunities in that space and one of the companies which may be worth looking into is Personas Social Inc(PRSN.V) (OTCQB:PRSNF).

In addition, to live video conferencing, the company also offers live streaming and related social media products. The products from Personal Social are targeted at both individual consumers as well as businesses and are particularly focussed on mobile. The company is involved in providing products that are enabled by social commerce and enable user experiences that are suitable for all kinds of users, including individuals and businesses.

Personal Social manages to strike such a fine balance through the offering of products that are equipped with grade-A e-commerce infrastructure. That includes such features as multilingual, multicurrency, and turnkey mobile commerce suites of products.

One of the more notable products associated with the company currently is The social media platform had originally been launched by the celebrity Kim Kardashian West and was named after her nickname. Her team of developers had however abandoned by her team of developers. However, Personal Social decided to revive and redevelop the project.

The company has now emerged as one to watch in the sprawling social media landscape due to its work with Keek Social. In February 2023 Personal Social announced that it was going to launch the Keek platform once again.

The company had noted at the time that it was aiming for the re-launch at around the spring of this year. The platform is a video-sharing platform. Users on Keek could share both short and long videos and connect with other users on the platform.