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Sustainable energy production and green energy are both fast-growing sectors owing to the policy push from governments all over the world for environmental protection. Hence, it may be a good time for investors to start looking into companies in the sector and one of the companies which could be worth tracking at this point is Clean Vision Corporation (OTCQB: CLNV).

The company is involved in sustainable energy and green energy spaces and on Monday it made a major new announcement. The company announced yesterday that Clean-Seas Morocco, its subsidiary unit had gone into a feedstock supply contract with the global waste management leader Clean Oceans 2.

It was a major new development and one that could bring the Clean Vision stock into focus among investors. Hence, it could be a good time to take a closer look at the agreement between the two parties.

As per the provisions of the agreement, Clean Oceans 2 would be responsible for delivering waste plastic or feedstock to Clean Seas Morocco’s plant located in Agadir, Morocco. Clean-Seas Morocco would not have to pay anything for the feedstock. The maximum deliverable supply for feedstock would be 1000000 metric tons a year.

Hence, Clean-Seas Morocco managed to secure its feedstock for its Morocco facility, which is a major constituent of its Plastic Conversion Network (PCN). PCN is a software network connecting feedstock sources and conversion facilities throughout Morocco. A patent is still pending for the software.

The operational facility in Agadir, Morocco operates at the rate of 20 tons per day, and the operations are expected to be expanded to 120 tons per day by the end of this year. It was noted yesterday that the company believed that the capacity could hit a staggering 500 tons per day by 2025. The feedstock would be delivered to the company in complete compliance with the Basel Convention.