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Clean Vision (OTCQB: CLNV), the innovative plastic recycling and clean fuel development leader, announced the establishment of a new subsidiary, Clean Seas Partners UK Limited (CS UK), on December 12.

In the news release, the company announced that it had set up CS UK with the goal of launching its waste plastic conversion facilities in Southeast Asia, the European Union, and Eastern Europe. That would enable the company to continue to work on its mission to solve the issue of upcycling the massive amounts of land-generated plastic waste prior to the flow of the same into the sea.

Clean Vision Corporation stated that the new subsidiary would deploy its Plastic Conversion Network (PCN) to grow its current portfolio of facilities. More importantly, CS UK would also be a crucial factor in being recognized as an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) firm. That recognition would be vital for any funding that may be raised through the previously announced green bond offering. Clean Vision Corporation revealed that it expected to raise a maximum of $340 million through the green bond offering.

CS UK would be led by Shaun Wooton, managing director of Clean Vision Corporation and also the Executive Director of Asia. The subsidiary would work on using its existing strong relationships in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe with the aim of creating a positive environmental impact. The positive impact would be made through intelligent project development and the facilitation of investment.

The company also noted that CS UK, in conjunction with Clean Seas Inc., the fully owned subsidiary unit of Clean Vision Corporation, would play a major role in the conversion of plastic feedstock into clean fuels. Those clean fuels would also include AquaH, Clean Vision Corporation’s branded green hydrogen. CS UK would therefore make a contribution towards the worldwide drive for the circularity of plastic. Concurrently, it would also help in cutting down on greenhouse emissions.

The setting up of CS UK was regarded as a major new step as it fortified Clean Vision Corporation’s commitment towards positive change on a global scale. The company also announced that it was intent on strengthening the governance and strategic intelligence of CS UK. Hence, it had started the process of putting in place a highly competent board. The board would be made up of individuals with international stature in the fields of energy, banking, and sustainability.