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The worldwide clean economy is growing at an impressive rate and investors are increasingly looking for options in that space. One of the companies which may be worth tracking at this point is Clean Vision Corporation (OTC:CLNV). The company operates a fully owned subsidiary unit named Clean Seas, which is involved in tackling the plastic waste crisis worldwide.

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It leverages Plastic Conversion Network (PCN) worldwide to convert tons of plastic waste into environmentally friendly and clean products which include clean hydrogen and also plastic precursors. Clean Seas owns a subsidiary named Eco Cell which successfully developed a hydrogen-based fuel cell. The business units of Clean Vision also get considerable benefits from the significant experience held by its management.

The stock is is currently trading at $0.0274 with a 52-week high of $0.1283.

Clean Vision currently has an enviable project pipeline. At this point, it is contracted with projects in Morocco, India, West Virginia, and Arizona. Additionally, it has a letter of intent in place for projects in Turkey, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Massachusetts, France, Malaysia, and India. The company’s technology ensures that there are no toxic emissions or odors.

On July 12 Clean Vision announced that Clean Seas inked a joint venture agreement with Rob &Melani Sustainability Solutions Service (WS3). WS3 is based out of Arizona State University and is affiliated with it. As per the terms of the agreement, the two parties work on the development, design, and operation of plastic waste conversion and the circular economy.

The company announced on June 5 that the Clean Seas West Virginia subsidiary agreed with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development to leverage more than $12 million in the form of state-based incentives to set up a manufacturing facility in West Virginia. At the facility, the company would convert plastic feedstock into precursors for clean fuels and recycled content plastics.